Department - Domestic and Foreign Investment Support

KIM Sp. z o.o. provides support services for domestic and foreign investments. We supply construction sites with a whole range of sanitary and construction materials not only in Poland, but also abroad (e.g. in Luxembourg, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Austria). All supplied goods have European Union approvals and certificates confirming their high quality and safety. In terms of our investment support services, KIM pays particular attention to selection of the right solutions and effective logistics. This ensures that customers always receive goods that meet their expectations, exactly when they need them.



OIKIZ (Domestic and Foreign Investment Support Service)

+48 602 716 006



Domestic and Foreign Investment Support Department (OIKIZ) is a dynamic team of specialists who directly supply a whole range of sanitary and construction materials for the largest investment projects. The construction sites we serve, both in Poland and abroad (e.g. in Luxembourg, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Austria), are supplied with materials of the highest quality from Polish and European manufacturers with EU approvals and certificates.


When cooperating with construction finishing companies and individual customers, the quality of the services offered is of the utmost importance to us. We always take the greatest care when choosing the right solutions, while experts from the manufacturing companies we cooperate with will help you choose the right products. Our employees will also help you solve any emerging technological, organisational and logistical problems on an ongoing basis. Customers ordering goods outside the European Union (e.g. to Norway or Switzerland) can count on comprehensive assistance and full customs clearance service.


One of the basic principles developed over many years of proving services for the largest investment projects in Poland and abroad is the “just in time” rule. With every investment project unnecessary costs need to be minimised, therefore, our materials are delivered directly to the construction site according to the demand schedule. This minimises expenditure on storage and double transport of the same goods; a significant reduction in 'frozen' financial reserves is also undoubtedly a great benefit, which would not be possible if it was necessary to build up stocks of materials. In addition, our employees are constantly monitoring the investment project, which means that we know exactly when the next delivery of materials needs to take place and in what quantities.

Implementation of such logistically complex tasks requires dedication of the whole team, but with mutual support, professionalism and many years of experience we are able to overcome the biggest challenges. This is certainly appreciated by our continuously growing group of customers, with whom we have been working for years in truly friendly atmosphere based on partnership.

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